These photos are from our Factory in Sanford, FL.

  • Hand sanitizer dispenser stands start with quality aluminum.

Raw materials arrive

Our plasma cutter fabricates anchor holes and a “stick” insert hole. We bend the holders to create the spill lip that guides people’s hands under the dispenser.

Plasma cutter creating bases for hand sanitizer dispenser stands.
Plasma cutter hard at work making your hand sanitizer station.
Base plates are prepped to be joined to stick and holder.

Our M-Fabulous team members then join the parts.

Complete hand sanitizer dispenser stands ready for their finishing touches before heading for powder coating.
Weld at the top of the hand sanitizer dispenser will be smoothed out in the finishing process.
Hand finishing with grinder smooths welds and edges to create a nearly finished product.

Attention to detail and pride of workmanship by hand still matters!


Nearly finished products are taken to our powder-coating operation. Next, they are boxed for shipment direct to you.

Hand sanitizer dispenser stands ready to ship to you!

hand sanitizer dispenser stands ready to ship

Hand sanitizer dispenser stands in boxes ready for shipment or about to be boxed.

We are ready to help you protect your team and customers.

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